Responses to Love Notes

"I want to thank you for love notes. They truly are little gems. They are very well written, warm, thoughtful and inspirational. I look forward to reading them when I see them and appreciate the lovely read. I think I may have to give this gift to a friend in Vancouver. Very well done!!" Warmest wishes, Priscilla

"Hi Suzanne, I love your Love Notes. I think they are fantastic. I enjoyed mine very much. I love your goal and I see you achieving it." - Love, Caroline Harper

"Love your love notes! I bought the first year for me and four of my loved ones. They leave me with a feeling of inner peace and joy, bringing a smile to my face and even a tear once in a needed while. Again Love your notes and your angelic team! Thank you Suzanne for being the love angel you are!!!" -  ConstanceSantego.ca Dream BIG! Quantum Leap Transformational Program

"I Love this, thank you Suzanne you have the sweetest most genuine heart" - Keisha

"I had these Love Notes gifted to me and when I see one in my inbox I know that it is going to be a great day. Every time I read one I feel loved and inspired, a calmness washes over me like I have just meditated and I am left feeling that I am on the right track, that I have purpose and I know that the person who gave them to me believes in me just like Suzanne and my whole angelic team." - Brianna. B.C. Canada

"Good morning Suzanne. It took me several tries before I could finish reading the first Love Note that you sent. I am in no way a confident person so just the first line brought me to tears. I tried reading it a few more times with the same results. I found that even thinking of it from time to time during a day that tears threatened to spill over. Sad to say but I really haven't had anyone in my life help instill confidence. They may in some ways, but ultimately in other ways they shoot my confined levels right back down. I know I can take things too much to heart and I try hard not to let what others think influence the way I look at myself but most of the time I fail miserably. I did finally manage to read the whole first message this morning and thankfully my husband was not around when I did so for I am positive he would in no way understand my reaction. I thank you so much for sending it though and I will get to reading the second one but probably not for a few days." - Karen

"I loved them and I really feel great resonance within my soul" - Veronica

"What lovely love notes Suzanne. Thank you! You are a ray of sunshine! Love ya!" - Donna

"Perfect timing! I mean PERFECT timing. I was struggling over a decision.... I'm not now!" - Marie

"I love them so far and look forward to receiving more!" - Lauren

"You are truly an angel!! I am so grateful to have you in my life!!" - Dana

"I have really been enjoying these Suzanne. Thanks for sharing. It's amazing what a positive affirmation can do to start the day off right!" - Isabel

"Thank you, very uplifting words, love it" - Dolores

"Thank you Suzanne. I have never met  anyone more filled with love than you! And you have it to share with everyone! You are amazing!" - Adam

"What a beautiful message to wake up to." - Reem

You can now wake up to the loving embrace of these Love Notes!

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