Who are we to be shy?

Okay these were the thoughts that came to me today and as usual I write just as much for myself as others …..

Who are we to be shy? That does not serve us or anyone. It is safe to spread or share our light because it will attract just the people we desire to us. The rest of the people will not even notice because it does not resonate to them. Our “safety” is in knowing this and it gives us permission to let our light shine. We can let our own personal quirky, beautiful selves shine knowing we can help and support others who may still be too shy. Ah, this is truly a concept of beauty.

I admire and support you all and we have not even met yet. However I know your energy and I know you have much to share with me and the world. I am celebrating you and what I have yet to learn from you. You are stronger and more powerful than you could ever guess. We all are.

In love and light, Suzanne
Suzanne Bandick

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