This is a very abundant life

This came to me today and I think it is true. As usual I had to really allow each sentence to sink in ….. This is an abundant life. It is full of all one desires with plenty for all. We need only decide what we want/choose for our lives and focus on that.

Once we find what we desire and focus on that – it comes to us easily. Wealth? Done. Abundance of powerful ideas? Done. Love? Done. Dream home? Done. Dream life? Done. Our focus makes our choices our reality. It is simple but sometimes the focus is a challenge because our mind and world are full of distractions. Clear the distractions in our thoughts and our world. Realize what they are (distractions) and your focus on what you desire returns and your desire returns to your life.

Live in abundance. It is all there for us to simply choose.

PS. Gratitude is phase two. The abundance of all we desire comes and stays when it is given appreciation.

In Love and Light, Suzanne
Suzanne Bandick
Unconditional Love and Empowered Living Coach

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