Love Notes are ready – now what?

Love Notes are ready. Now to share them with the world – like they were always meant to be. The messages that come to me – to uplift me – are meant for more than me. I am a messenger. I now need to step into that messenger role. I cannot hide in the shadows any longer. But who am I to bring something so beautiful and high energy to the world? I am me. I need be no more than that.

How many times you have you asked yourself, who am I to do ________? You my dear are everything you need to be. Your Angels tell you that all the time. Probably you just are not listening. Maybe you will hear it better from mine 🙂

I used to say …The goal is for who you become in the process however I believe it is more accurate and truthful to say … the goal is for who you learn you are in the process.

In love and light, Suzanne
Suzanne Bandick
Empowered Living and Love Coach

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