Let’s talk about joy

In love and light I endeavor to go about my day doing my best to live in joy and with joy. When I focus on the joyous things – pleasure comes. Life is supposed to feel pleasurable – of course everyone’s pleasure could be different.

My joy is to help empower people to live their joy and their dreams – to live full out in a way that gives them joy and pleasure. My joy is also in baking and sharing with others, in friends, family, in stimulating and positive conversations on the mind and the meaning of life, and to travel and experience new things and new people.

Ah joy, why is it sometimes so elusive for us? Is it hidden because we do not feel we deserve to live in a state of joy? We feel we must work hard at something else we do not enjoy in order to earn a few moments when we then allow ourselves to experience joy? Does that make sense? I think not – of course that is why I live my life the way I do.

There is less power in words than in actions. Integrity for me, means if you say it – if you believe it – you do it or live it to the best of your ability. You live the example. I shall endeavor to live in joy.

In love and light, Suzanne
Suzanne Bandick
Empowered Living and Love Coach

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