Journalling for the Soul

Is any of this true for you? Thoughts come to us fast and furiously … sometimes they get all mixed up in our head … we don’t know what is our truth and what is something just stuck in our head from another … we don’t know which direction to go in … we want to listen to our inner guidance, but we are not sure which inner voice it is! … there are definitely things we want in our life and we are not sure why we don’t have them … we know we should talk better to ourselves … STOP!

The best way I have found to sort things out is with a journal. I have many. Several currently in use and all the past ones I have dragged from one move to the next. When I sit quietly I can ask a question – sometimes even write the question down and then just sit and breathe and often I receive the most amazing and empowering information. Intel better than the best computer because I know I pick up on energy vibration throughout the cosmos. This is information available to all of us. Of course sometimes I get nothing! Well there is always another moment or another day.

It was through journalling that Love Notes started to come to me. I use my journals to write empowering things about myself (you know all the positive stuff that so often socially we are taught not to say because we could be considered to be bragging) I think bragging is healthy. That should be said outloud!

I write about attributes I feel I have and embody and all the ones I choose to have and embody. I write out plans for my year and my life. I write ideal scenes for my life (a mix of things I like currently in my life and all the things I want to add into my life) they are always written in present tense so I feel like I already have that life. I write about things I want to prepave – something coming up and I want to ensure it all happens in ease and flow. I ask questions – I get answers. I find out about life – I learn to be gentler with myself. Best, I learn what my inner voice sounds like so when I am out in the busyness of life – I know which voice to listen to.

I hope you find yourself some beautiful journals and enjoy the beauty, calm, ease and insight they will provide in your life. Happy Journalling!

In love and light, Suzanne

Suzanne Bandick
Unconditional Love and Empowered Living Mentor

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