Clarity creates speed for our desires

Today we have several thoughts yet they all seem to go together….

Hold true to your heart, that is where the magic happens. When we live from that space we know we are on the right path.

Our deepest desire is ours to live, we need only allow and accept that all we desire is there for us – waiting for us to vibrate at the frequency of our desire and then it is ours because a match is made. It is a universal law. That is how the allowance of so many different desires in the world is made.

Best, it is known or has been created that you can only have what you focus on, all the rest in the world does not matter to you. So focus on your dreams and go there. Change it anytime and go there.

Your clarity creates the speed.
Oh that all sounds like great fun doesn’t it?

In love and light, Suzanne
Suzanne Bandick
Empowered Living and Love Coach

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