Behind the creation of Love Notes

Greatest of days to you. The following few posts I intend to be the first chroniclings of the journey of Love Notes. This is not about the Angelic whisperings I desire to share in the Love Notes themselves but what turns out to be far more intense for me, the realities of reaching a BIG goal and putting something like this out to the world and how I end up growing in the process. As always I hope that my example can help you live your dreams and true desires.

How would I know that on my journey to Empower One Million Women that I find I am empowering myself? Interesting. We must fully become what we desire to share. I repeat daily – I can do this.

With simply a consumer background how would I possibly know that to get these Love Notes to market requires more than … creating the series of Love Notes themselves, then creating the website with an order button, connecting the order button to a payment system and then loading the products into a delivery system and having them sent out? Simple right? Nope, not so simple sweetie. Apparently we need special coding to make everything work. Mind you I did add that I want everyone to have the ability to gift them to others. Ah that is more coding and forms needed. And that my dear friends means time and patience on my part. Not my greatest strength. It also means a surrender of part of the process and trusting in others expertise. Also not one of my greatest strengths.

Apparently anyone who does computer program coding work is shaking their heads right now saying to themselves … she thought it would be easy, poor delusional girl. In fact a friend of mine who runs a very large and successful website himself upon receiving some of my questions and hearing of my trials and tribulations with the process … smiled kindly at me and said … you really had no idea what you were getting into did you? The answer would be no. I had no idea. I had the desire and the dream. The rest is simply my journey along the way.

This project also requires an acceptance of a knowing that all things come to fruition in perfect timing. There are others things in play (much like the details on the Love Notes ordering) that need to be put in place for greatest success as well as a timing involved there – details I may never know about – they are simply being taken care of by Universal intelligence, my Angelic team and in the inspirations I receive.

So with Love and In Love I journey towards towards my deepest desires. The goal is now so big and so deep in me there is no stopping now. The path has changed several times but the goal is always in full sight and very clear. I also know this will make a great story of empowerment.

In love and light, Suzanne
Suzanne Bandick
Empowered Living and Love Coach

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