A true and simple tale. Maybe you will find a little of yourself and some realizations in this tale. Same story. Two perspectives.

The Angelic side of the story

She was born an angelic spirit. A child of creator. We all are. What happened that she forgot that? She forgot her divineness, her inner power and her strength. She forgot she has a uniqueness that makes her a beautiful spirit and that uniqueness is the very thing she needs to share with the world. She is busy. She is beating herself up with her self talk, feeling different, alone, frustrated with her life and wondering is this all there is? We must help her, the angelic team says. She was not born to play small. No one is born to play small. Life is meant to be a playground and an adventure. She has lost her way in all the chaos of the world. Let's send her notes of love say the angels. Will she listen? We can try. In fact we will never cease trying. We will bombard her with love energy and eventually she will hear. Eventually she may even come to understand that our loving and empowering messages to her are meant to be shared. Love is meant to be shared. Will she recognize that many, many others have the lost, overwhelmed and self depreciating feelings she does? Maybe. When she shares these messages of love with others we hope she calls them love notes, that feels right.

Suzanne's side of the story

For many many years I received messages of unconditional love and empowerment streaming into my life. It was like an angelic presence speaking to me. It was not my words. I started to write down these messages of love and marvel at the joy, simplicity and love in them. They were quite fun to read after I wrote them as it felt like the first time hearing them. I eventually awakened to the fact that many many others needed to feel that same love too. I was not alone in my doubts and insecurities and a need for reassurance. I needed to reach out and offer help, strength and empowerment to others who did not yet feel that loving energy in their lives. I had found my purpose. That was the moment of true love realized and Love Notes were born. I hope you find that they speak to you as well. By the way, the beautiful pictures that come with each Love Note were taken by my Daughter on her world travels.

What is the story of love?

So what happened when the Angels energy and Suzanne's mixed? The I am Special-You are Special movement evolved. Feel the Love and Share the Love. We are capable of so much. Why do we so often play so small? These loving messages help us feel loved and more confident in ourselves and our capabilities and in who we are. We don't need to feel alone anymore.

The Story of Love Continues with sharing

Think of the people in your life that you can gift these emailed Love Note messages to; your children's teacher, your parents, your sister/brother, your favorite aunt/uncle, your grandma/grandpa, your best friends, your neighbor, your helpful co-worker, your boss, your companies top performers, your MLM leaders, your favourite nurse, etc. anyone in your life who may enjoy some love. Get your Love Notes today and if inspired Share some too let's feel and celebrate I am Special-You are Special. We can share them for any occasion to be enjoyed all year long in love and light because ...



Enjoy your own Love Notes now ...

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