A women only read…

Okay men can read this too but you have been warned because this is woman talk and we are going to talk about feelings. Feelings of love and those feeling of less than love, feelings of strength and power and feelings and moments of less power, feelings of confidence when we can take on the world and those moments of less confidence when we don’t want to leave the house.

We are human. We go through emotions – sometimes lots of emotions. When we are feeling high on life and powerful beyond measure we don’t need anything – we know we are enough and we do amazing things all by ourselves. However not all of us feel that confidence often enough, that feeling that we are enough and that we are perfect just the way we are. We may have moments or we catch glimpses and then in awhile or on occasion we forget our power and strength again. I mean really forget – you know the feeling. What is that all about? How can we be so hard on ourselves? Cheering ourselves one moment and sometimes crying the next.

We are human. We are women and that dear girlfriends is what makes us special. It is part of our power. It is what gives us empathy for others. It is what gives us the ideas that help ourselves and others. We can feel alone, especially in our down moments – but the reality is, we are never alone. We have inner guidance messages coming to us all the time. Many of us have tuned in to them but many of us have tuned them out or we have our moments when we tune them out. We are not listening. We are too busy. We tell ourselves that we need to be real and focus on real life but we are the real life – this is our life – all the emotions, all the feelings, all the ups, all the downs. What we need to come back to is that we are not alone ever.

If you should happen to think this is not you I would encourage you to let your guard down for a moment and be honest and real with yourself. Not because you are not strong, perfect and powerful, because you are – we all are – but because even the strongest women sometimes need a little reminder or our greatness and our purpose. I would also encourage you to look around at the women you interact with every day – do you think they always feel powerful even if you think they are?

What if we could be reminded in a very simple way with just a few words every few days that we are beautiful and we are powerful and we are capable and we are walking, talking light and love and that we can accomplish everything we may choose to? Would that feel good? How do you think you would feel sharing that with others? These words of unconditional love and empowerment were a gift to me and I am very thrilled that I got up the courage to share them because they are making a difference for women. Empowering women and sharing this unconditional love one love note at a time

In love and light,
Suzanne Bandick
Empowered Living and Love Coach

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