Living on the edge

Do I live on the edge? The edge of where I could succeed so greatly or fail so completely? Yes. Do I like to live in that place that is precarious and often scary? Yes. Do I see the places I could fall? Yes but not often do I see them – well maybe often depending where I am at. However, what do I see most often? I see a bright, shiny horizon. I see a place – a point where a new challenge has been achieved. Why do I live so close to the edge? Because I like the thrill of being alive. That is what alive is for me. Striving for new things – learning new things – looking for opportunities to grow. The goals, the big dreams are for learning who I am and what I am capable of in the process of achieving them. Do I have moments of scared and fear of failure? Yes. Always. It seems those moments are inevitable in any big goal. Have I been close to no money? Yes. Have I feared – what if my goal does not work out? Yes. Somehow someway even in my not knowing all the how or all the steps it always works out. The key is not to measure your success in the wrong place. My most important job is to hold the vision and I then I know I will arrive at my goal…and I never look down – only up.

In love and light, Suzanne
Suzanne Bandick
Empowered Living and Love Coach

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